Thursday, July 26, 2012

Justifying decisions

There are all kinds of things that I find irritating while being pregnant.... like when people constantly talk about how big you have gotten, ask if you have twins in there, and tell you how extremely hot you will be going through the whole summer pregnant. Yes..thank you, I realize I have gotten big..there is a baby in I promise there is only one... And it's a good thing women now have access to things like pools...and air conditioners..but you are certainly right, I should have planned a little better so I would not have to wait until the end of August to deliver.... unbelievable. Despite everyone feeling like they can say whatever they want to you - I can handle it! Everyone has an opinion and they do have the right to express that opinion. The thing that I can't really handle very well is when person after person tells me something I am doing wrong based on their opinion..not even based on science or statistics. It is frustrating because I am this little girl's mother...and you think that I am going to put myself or more importantly, HER in a situation that is dangerous or will cause her to get hurt? Come on. I knew the parenting tips would begin pretty soon considering my due date is less than 5 weeks away but I was not expecting to have to justify every decision I am already making. Things as simple as going to the gym are a hassle now... people look at me like I am crazy and am going to pop this child out in the middle of the floor. I promise....walking on a treadmill or taking a dance class (with lots of water breaks and break downs of choreography) is NOT going to be dangerous for Emmalyn. In fact, it's great for her! When mom is happy - baby is happy. When mom doesn't have significant weight issues during pregnancy, baby is less likely to grow up with significant weight issues. I can't apologize for doing things that I think will benefit my child in the long-term but it sure does get tiring having to explain yourself over and over again.

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