Monday, July 30, 2012


I just got back from my first ever chiropractor visit - and I have to say, it was wonderful. Emmalyn is a breech baby right now. Unless we can get her to flip in the next week or two, my doc is giving the okay to schedule a C-section. I know csects are medically necessary for some people and in those cases I think they are great...but I would really like to know that I have done everything (that is safe) to flip my babe before giving into the surgery. If you don't know about the Webster Technique I suggest you google it... I decided to try this after my doctor told me that it would not hurt me or the baby but that "it probably wouldn't work". Can't a girl get a little hope?? After I found out insurance covers a percentage of the treatments I decided it was a go! After my first adjustment...I have to say... I'm not sure if she has flipped, but my lower back feels incredible. I was very tempted to ask him to adjust my whole back..and maybe I will at the next session! I won't go back to the doctor until next Wednesday but I'll let you know if these adjustments are flipping her. Now I figure at the very least I won't have to go the next few weeks in complete misery.

In other news, I'm trying desperately hard to want to nest. I went through a period of time where I just wanted to clean all the time but those days are long gone. There is SO much I want and need to get done before Emma gets here but where do you get the motivation to start??

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